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Ted Williams – 3 Quotes

  3 Quotes by Ted Williams   Baseball’s future? Bigger and bigger, better and better! No question about it, it’s the greatest game there is! – Ted Williams God gets you to the plate, but once your there your on… read more Ted Williams – 3 Quotes

Sydney Pollack – 6 Quotes

  6 Quotes by Sydney Pollack   I mean, certainly writing, painting, photography, dance, architecture, there is an aspect of almost every art form that is useful and that merges into film in some way. – Sydney Pollack I didn’t… read more Sydney Pollack – 6 Quotes

Sergei Bubka – 7 Quotes

  7 Quotes by Sergei Bubka   I am alone, some people help me, but, basically, I can do what I want. – Sergei Bubka I think that focusing on the money, on the business, is not enough. – Sergei… read more Sergei Bubka – 7 Quotes

Thomas Dolby – 3 Quotes

  3 Quotes by Thomas Dolby   So a more sensible thing it seemed to me was to go to Silicon Valley and be pushing on the technology companies to accelerate the use of audio and music in computers. –… read more Thomas Dolby – 3 Quotes

Tom Shadyac – 6 Quotes

  6 Quotes by Tom Shadyac   I’m from the Madeleine L’Engle school. The more she delves into science, the more she knows there’s a creator who’s behind these amazing laws, these amazing events. The symmetry of nature, the structure… read more Tom Shadyac – 6 Quotes

Sonia Sotomayor – 8 Quotes

  8 Quotes by Sonia Sotomayor   Until we get equality in education, we won’t have an equal society. – Sonia Sotomayor All of the legal defense funds out there, they’re looking for people out there with court of appeals… read more Sonia Sotomayor – 8 Quotes

Steven Gerrard – 3 Quotes

  3 Quotes by Steven Gerrard   I watched Italia ’90 with my Mum and Dad and my brother, you know, leaping around the house when the penalties were on… It would be great to be part of that, to… read more Steven Gerrard – 3 Quotes

Summer Altice – 3 Quotes

  3 Quotes by Summer Altice   People think, ‘She’s a model. She must have such an attitude. She must be so stuck up.’ But I’m normal. I cry. I’m not rich. I drive a 1987 Chevrolet Celebrity. – Summer… read more Summer Altice – 3 Quotes

Steve Lacy – 6 Quotes

  6 Quotes by Steve Lacy   I’ve performed solo for 20 years now, but I don’t do much of it, because if you only play alone, you go crazy and out of tune and play foolish music. – Steve… read more Steve Lacy – 6 Quotes

Tim Duncan – 3 Quotes

  3 Quotes by Tim Duncan   I have the loving support of my girlfriend who still attends Wake Forest and is nearing graduation. She helps me cope with the everyday rigors of being an NBA player. – Tim Duncan… read more Tim Duncan – 3 Quotes

Stana Katic – 3 Quotes

  3 Quotes by Stana Katic   I just enjoy working with really wonderful actors and amazing creative people and I hope to keep doing that, no matter where. – Stana Katic I think ‘Game of Thrones’ was extraordinary. I… read more Stana Katic – 3 Quotes

Stephanie Mills – 3 Quotes

  3 Quotes by Stephanie Mills   I enjoy being single, but I loved being married. – Stephanie Mills It’s the best thing ever – I love being a mom. This is my only child. My career was a priority… read more Stephanie Mills – 3 Quotes

Thomas John Watson, Sr. – 3 Quotes

  3 Quotes by Thomas John Watson, Sr.   If you want to increase your success rate, double your failure rate. – Thomas John Watson, Sr. You can be discouraged by failure, or you can learn from it. So go… read more Thomas John Watson, Sr. – 3 Quotes

Toby Jones – 6 Quotes

  6 Quotes by Toby Jones   If you ever have the good fortune to meet Tippi Hedren, she’s an amazing woman. You can’t quite believe she is the age she is. – Toby Jones I studied Hitchcock a little… read more Toby Jones – 6 Quotes

Samuel Adams – 6 Quotes

  6 Quotes by Samuel Adams   Among the natural rights of the colonists are these: First a right to life, secondly to liberty, and thirdly to property together with the right to defend them in the best manner they… read more Samuel Adams – 6 Quotes

Sam Rockwell – 5 Quotes

  5 Quotes by Sam Rockwell   Good acting is good acting, however you learn it. Some people who haven’t studied are amazing. Some people like Leonardo DiCaprio are naturally gifted – he’s learned technique by working with people early… read more Sam Rockwell – 5 Quotes

Susan Rice – 6 Quotes

  6 Quotes by Susan Rice   I would rather be alone and a loud voice for action than be silent. – Susan Rice The U.S. cannot go it alone simply when it is convenient. – Susan Rice If we… read more Susan Rice – 6 Quotes

Susan Sarandon – 3 Quotes

  3 Quotes by Susan Sarandon   I feel my family’s needs are a priority. I’m not comfortable with the idea of serving the many and ignoring my family. – Susan Sarandon I think I’m an actor because I have… read more Susan Sarandon – 3 Quotes

Sean Parker – 8 Quotes

  8 Quotes by Sean Parker   I think being a wealthy member of the establishment is the antithesis of cool. Being a countercultural revolutionary is cool. So to the extent that you’ve made a billion dollars, you’ve probably become… read more Sean Parker – 8 Quotes

Scott Weiland – 6 Quotes

  6 Quotes by Scott Weiland   Music, as many people have said, is the universal language. Of course points are made which make you think about things, but ultimately it makes you feel. And that’s why people remember more… read more Scott Weiland – 6 Quotes