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Michael K. Williams – 3 Quotes

  3 Quotes by Michael K. Williams   Doing something that warrants the attention of the President of the United States is super cool. – Michael K. Williams God has blessed me. I’ve been given a lot. I’m at peace… read more Michael K. Williams – 3 Quotes

Michael Chertoff – 6 Quotes

  6 Quotes by Michael Chertoff   I think the idea that you can go this alone is – was a huge mistake. And unfortunately, there was a price paid in terms of suffering and pain for people in New… read more Michael Chertoff – 6 Quotes

Maurice Gibb – 4 Quotes

  4 Quotes by Maurice Gibb   It’s very hard to write a song alone. It’s only by jamming that you can get a song together. – Maurice Gibb I think we have to act like stars because it is… read more Maurice Gibb – 4 Quotes

Michele Bachmann – 6 Quotes

  6 Quotes by Michele Bachmann   I thought if anyone need a leg up, it was our foster children. So, I started getting involved in education reform, and that was back in 1998. And as a result of all… read more Michele Bachmann – 6 Quotes

Michael McCaul – 3 Quotes

  3 Quotes by Michael McCaul   Last week, the House of Representatives passed a resolution honoring the victims and heroes of September 11th. As we commemorate the anniversary of 9-11, we must also remember that the threat is still… read more Michael McCaul – 3 Quotes

Michael Moriarty – 4 Quotes

  4 Quotes by Michael Moriarty   Life is best when you are in love. – Michael Moriarty If they want to talk about aliens and anything like that… that’s part of the gift God gave us. That’s what makes… read more Michael Moriarty – 4 Quotes

May Sarton – 5 Quotes

  5 Quotes by May Sarton   In the country of pain we are each alone. – May Sarton It is the privilege of those who fear love to murder those who do not fear it! – May Sarton Everything… read more May Sarton – 5 Quotes

Mick Taylor – 4 Quotes

  4 Quotes by Mick Taylor   The Stones are a different kind of group. I realized that when I joined them. It’s not really so much their musical ability, it’s just they have a certain kind of style and… read more Mick Taylor – 4 Quotes

Marc Davis – 3 Quotes

  3 Quotes by Marc Davis   Later, my father died up in Marysville. So, my mother and I got in the car and came down to Hollywood. – Marc Davis My father was something of a rainbow-chaser. – Marc… read more Marc Davis – 3 Quotes

Matthew Macfadyen – 5 Quotes

  5 Quotes by Matthew Macfadyen   As much as I long for a sort of security and consistency sometimes, I do enjoy sort of being busted around. I really don’t know what’s happening sometimes next week, let alone this… read more Matthew Macfadyen – 5 Quotes

Mary Richards – 4 Quotes

  4 Quotes by Mary Richards   It helps, I think, to consider ourselves on a very long journey: the main thing is to keep to the faith, to endure, to help each other when we stumble or tire, to… read more Mary Richards – 4 Quotes

Marguerite Duras – 6 Quotes

  6 Quotes by Marguerite Duras   Alcohol doesn’t console, it doesn’t fill up anyone’s psychological gaps, all it replaces is the lack of God. It doesn’t comfort man. On the contrary, it encourages him in his folly, it transports… read more Marguerite Duras – 6 Quotes

Matthew Sweet – 4 Quotes

  4 Quotes by Matthew Sweet   I went to a rare live Van Dyke show and met him there. And then he came to a show of mine and we spoke back stage. The third time was at Brian… read more Matthew Sweet – 4 Quotes

Matthew Perry – 3 Quotes

  3 Quotes by Matthew Perry   I would like you all to give me a round of applause as I have not crashed my car in over 15 months. – Matthew Perry I used to be a real prince… read more Matthew Perry – 3 Quotes

Mariah Carey – 6 Quotes

  6 Quotes by Mariah Carey   Whenever I watch TV and see those poor starving kids all over the world, I can’t help but cry. I mean I’d love to be skinny like that, but not with all those… read more Mariah Carey – 6 Quotes

Max Greenfield – 6 Quotes

  6 Quotes by Max Greenfield   When I’m in the car sometimes it’s like, ‘Yeah, man, just put on the pop music.’ You know what I mean? I don’t want to listen to Tom Waits. – Max Greenfield I’m… read more Max Greenfield – 6 Quotes

Mercedes McCambridge – 5 Quotes

  5 Quotes by Mercedes McCambridge   I can choose to accelerate my disease to an alcoholic death or incurable insanity, or I can choose to live within my thoroughly human condition. – Mercedes McCambridge I’ve always had bronchitis. I’ve… read more Mercedes McCambridge – 5 Quotes

Michelangelo Antonioni – 4 Quotes

  4 Quotes by Michelangelo Antonioni   All the characters in my films are fighting these problems, needing freedom, trying to find a way to cut themselves loose, but failing to rid themselves of conscience, a sense of sin, the… read more Michelangelo Antonioni – 4 Quotes

Maria Bartiromo – 5 Quotes

  5 Quotes by Maria Bartiromo   Too many people say to their brokers, I can’t deal with this. Take my money. Do what you want. That’s the worst attitude you can have. – Maria Bartiromo If you or me… read more Maria Bartiromo – 5 Quotes

Max Lucado – 4 Quotes

  4 Quotes by Max Lucado   You change your life by changing your heart. – Max Lucado Well, I think the main message is there is more to your story. There is more than what happens between the crib… read more Max Lucado – 4 Quotes