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Brendan Fraser – 6 Quotes

  6 Quotes by Brendan Fraser   I always approach comedy roles pretending they aren’t funny. – Brendan Fraser Most people go, I wish for world peace. But chaos has a place in balancing out the light and the dark… read more Brendan Fraser – 6 Quotes

Christine Lahti – 3 Quotes

  3 Quotes by Christine Lahti   I don’t want to fight aging I want to take good care of myself, but plastic surgery and all that? I’m not interested. – Christine Lahti Its only when you are a great… read more Christine Lahti – 3 Quotes

Carrie P. Snow – 4 Quotes

  4 Quotes by Carrie P. Snow   A male gynecologist is like an auto mechanic who has never owned a car. – Carrie P. Snow The pursuit of happiness is a most ridiculous phrase: if you pursue happiness you’ll… read more Carrie P. Snow – 4 Quotes

Bob Ehrlich – 3 Quotes

  3 Quotes by Bob Ehrlich   Some of the most important conversations I’ve ever had occurred at my family’s dinner table. – Bob Ehrlich I don’t know what leadership is. You can’t touch it. You can’t feel it. It’s… read more Bob Ehrlich – 3 Quotes

Anatole Broyard – 3 Quotes

  3 Quotes by Anatole Broyard   To be misunderstood can be the writer’s punishment for having disturbed the reader’s peace. The greater the disturbance, the greater the possibility of misunderstanding. – Anatole Broyard Lapped in poetry, wrapped in the… read more Anatole Broyard – 3 Quotes

Adam Osborne – 4 Quotes

  4 Quotes by Adam Osborne   I liken myself to Henry Ford and the auto industry, I give you 90 percent of what most people need. – Adam Osborne People think computers will keep them from making mistakes. They’re… read more Adam Osborne – 4 Quotes

Anita Brookner – 6 Quotes

  6 Quotes by Anita Brookner   Life… is not simply a series of exciting new ventures. The future is not always a whole new ball game. There tends to be unfinished business. One trails all sorts of things around… read more Anita Brookner – 6 Quotes

Bryan White – 5 Quotes

  5 Quotes by Bryan White   Christmas makes me happy no matter what time of year it comes around. – Bryan White I think some people record songs and make records a certain way to cater to radio. If… read more Bryan White – 5 Quotes

Carl Friedrich Gauss – 4 Quotes

  4 Quotes by Carl Friedrich Gauss   The enchanting charms of this sublime science reveal only to those who have the courage to go deeply into it. – Carl Friedrich Gauss It is not knowledge, but the act of… read more Carl Friedrich Gauss – 4 Quotes

Bode Miller – 6 Quotes

  6 Quotes by Bode Miller   We should tell our kids to just have fun, participate and not get bent on winning or losing. But every coach, when they say that, they say it tongue in cheek, ‘Don’t worry… read more Bode Miller – 6 Quotes

Alexis Arguello – 5 Quotes

  5 Quotes by Alexis Arguello   When you put the interest of a kid on money instead of heart then you’re destroying the beauty of our lives and our thought process, which should be about how much responsibilities you… read more Alexis Arguello – 5 Quotes

Cyril Cusack – 3 Quotes

  3 Quotes by Cyril Cusack   If you asked me for my New Year Resolution, it would be to find out who I am. – Cyril Cusack The relationship with a live audience seems to me to count for… read more Cyril Cusack – 3 Quotes

Brett Hoebel – 3 Quotes

  3 Quotes by Brett Hoebel   If I could give one tip for people – it’s not an exercise or nutrition regimen. It’s to walk your talk and believe in yourself, because at the end of the day, the… read more Brett Hoebel – 3 Quotes

Charisma Carpenter – 7 Quotes

  7 Quotes by Charisma Carpenter   I had my heart set on becoming an English teacher, but stumbled into acting after meeting a theatrical agent in my dad’s restaurant in San Diego. – Charisma Carpenter When you gain 50… read more Charisma Carpenter – 7 Quotes

Clive Anderson – 3 Quotes

  3 Quotes by Clive Anderson   On the environmental front there’s concern about global warming and high levels of carbon dioxide, and trees take in CO2 and store carbon. – Clive Anderson You can be a famous poisoner or… read more Clive Anderson – 3 Quotes

Andy Roddick – 3 Quotes

  3 Quotes by Andy Roddick   Well, immediately we announced yesterday or the day before we’re building, with my foundation, a youth tennis and learning center in Austin. I’d like to be hands on with that and not see… read more Andy Roddick – 3 Quotes

Charles Dance – 3 Quotes

  3 Quotes by Charles Dance   It’s a question of keeping one’s eyes and ears open and watching how other people play the game. They’re watching me too, to see what my attitude is like. – Charles Dance A… read more Charles Dance – 3 Quotes

Cameron Crowe – 3 Quotes

  3 Quotes by Cameron Crowe   Some of the hip-hop stuff people get into is exciting, because there’s a passion and there’s something to explain to a more mainstream audience, so you get these passionate writers who want to… read more Cameron Crowe – 3 Quotes

Caroll Shelby – 4 Quotes

  4 Quotes by Caroll Shelby   Driving race cars was an avenue for me to learn how to build my own car, and that was my ambition all along. – Caroll Shelby I’ve always been asked, ‘What is my… read more Caroll Shelby – 4 Quotes

Chevy Chase – 6 Quotes

  6 Quotes by Chevy Chase   I was always the guy getting kicked out of my classes at school for having an attitude problem. – Chevy Chase Once I got married and had kids, I moved away from romantic… read more Chevy Chase – 6 Quotes